August 9, Cricketers and Waggon & Horses, Hartley Wintney

August 16, Cricketers and Waggon & Horses, Hartley Wintney

A bit disappointed to find no cricketers at the pub – I don’t understand you humans and your pub signs. There used to be some cricket played as we danced here on New Year’s Day, I remember it well. The lads and whifflers were cheered by cut price beer, the Cricks own label beer was professed to be excellent – not that I was offered any….. Slow dancing to start, I think they were tired from their weekend Wickham Festival exploits but they soon warmed up with some good looking dancing, drawing in pleased passersby.

I happily romped around the traffic free road, eyeing some good looking grass nearby. Very hospitable staff – the lads said ‘thank you’ you on a keyring (of me I believe!). The Squire had made a good effort to include ‘practiced but not danced out much’ dances – excellent.

On to the ‘Waggon and Horses’ – very disappointed again, nary a waggon nor a nag to be seen! Great venue as well, much closer proximity to the crowd allowed more hi-jinks with my admirers – of which there lots – family, friends and followers. The ‘Erberts dancing through dusk into the dark, finishing with a great Jockey Up (but not on me!) prompting a ‘why don’t we dance that more?!!’. Hophead good, I’m told (not that I was offered any) and a generous jug provided by another generous pub.


A low key music session followed in the pub, but I was off by then meandering back to Yateley over my home turf, the byways and commons of Yateley, contentedly reminiscing about hold ups with my Highwaymen.


A previous visit a long time ago from a land far, far away…14064168_1070719129632720_2823845596097409646_n







Participants:  Dancers, Many ‘Erberts; Music, Other ‘Erberts’.

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