12th July: The Coach & Horses, Rotherwick

Tumultuous sky threatened a good dancing evening with Basing Clog at the ever morris friendly Coach & Horses. Our horse really looking forward to the evening, but couldn’t find a coach or any horses anywhere tho’ and he is off to trading standards!

Good turnout from YMM and some good looking dancing from both sides in a relaxed evening as the weather held off –right up to the last minute. YMM blamed the weather for our final train crash of a dance ….a sort of near version ‘Black Joke’ Adderbury…with one dancer saying from the crowd ‘I thought we had finished’… The rest of the dancing was good though – disciplined walking on and off, Feathers looking particularly sharp, Bampton good as well. The duelling penny whistles were excellent as well. Plenty of YMM family in attendance, boosted later by the always welcome Young ‘Uns. An American family loved the show, until the Horse arrived of course!

A busy landlord and staff doing really well pouring beer for the dancers and feeding the five thousand in the backroom. Generous as well – thank you! Good Badgers beer – Fursty Ferret being the pick.

Encouraged by the sharp shower we all piled into the pub, steaming happily away and filling one of the bars. Cracking music and song session went on until late, the red trombone (red for danger or warning?) played with gusto adding a certain je ne sais quoi. …
A very nice evening – thank to Basing Clog and all at the Coach & Horses.
Live Performers
IS, SB, DW, CC, PS, RC, BC, AP, AA, RH, Beast, AY, IY, GB, TB, EB, GC, MH, RA (mufti)

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