Tuesday 19th July ‘Golden Pot’ and ‘White Hart’ Eversley

Hottest day of the day of the year and the broiling day time temperatures carried onto the evening.

The Fool, also SFTN, confidently rocked  up at the Gloster pub in Farnborough in good time in his ‘new’ Micra. Complete mystification as to why he & Ryan were there and  everyone else was late…Paper programme – YMM not out anywhere… A quick check of the website said Eversley, so off we went to run the cruel gauntlet of taunts and jibes from the rest of the lads.

Gasp – no tails or smock for the Fool! Our wise Fool (?) had decided that a cool black shirt would be more comfortable. Surprisingly little barracking from the lads…

Dancing underway at the Golden Pot, mainly Bampton and Adderbury. Delightful pub which we hadn’t visited for years. Small groups of generous diners eating alfresco and enjoying the balmy evening. Music (still missing Rod) did really well coping with the Fool’s ad hoc programme admirably. Dancing was laid back and pretty good overall. Bold Nelson jig looked good as well.

Off to the White Hart, again, another Morris friendly pub. A real gem. Elected to perform in the garden to assorted punters who seemed pleased to have their idyllic peaceful pub garden invaded by us. ‘Ladies’ Pleasure’, Fieldtown was played well by Chris and danced indifferently by our Fool. The Horse ambled contentedly around. Grass, but still much better than the zooming cars at the front. Leisurely dancing with an enthusiastic BGG performed by somewhat mystified visitors to the UK.

We all stayed late in the garden enjoying the full moon, balmy warm winds and light skies,  talking tosh and enjoying each others company. We enjoyed a spontaneous and relaxed fiddle workshop with John and Chris swapping tunes and hints, the snippets of morris music drifting over the still Hampshire countryside. Two musicians really appreciating and enjoying the Morris, growing in their art.

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