28th June The Royal Oak, Wood Street

The evening at Wood Street began with all the usual factors in place: good beer, a welcoming landlord and landlady (and son), our good friends Fleur de Lys……and rain! Fortunately the deluge eased off in time for us to start only a few minutes late and did not trouble us with more than a few spots until the last dance was over. More proof of the magic properties of the Morris.

Fleur de Lys entertained us with an organised and varied program of dances, ranging from Cotswold through Border to pole dancing (not that sort!). Our Yateley Squire, on the other hand, did not have a list – and for very good reason. A flurry of apologies reduced our numbers to a bare 7 dancers with a mixed expertise that ruled out more than half of our dance traditions. We did, of course, have 3 stalwart musicians.

Despite the restriction we were able to perform a variety of dances in different formats from Adderbury and Bampton, including clapping, sticking and hankies. At least we had a rest while the ladies danced. More variety was added when Gareth cheerfully tried his hand at Ducklington and Upton-upon-Severn. A jig was danced by Tom and Paul with music by Dave.

An après Morris session was prevented by the risk that we would wake the landlord’s son who had eagerly stayed up to watch the dancing but was now asleep in the bedroom above. By the time that Ian S and the Fleur de Lys musicians had discovered a quiet corner at the other end of the bar the moment had passed and we were drifting off into the night……..

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