23rd June Twickenham

Flooded off so we didn’t go, except for one! No photos?

Having just driven up from Mevagissy I obviously missed vital communiqués to the side, so arrived by bike as sole rep. from Yateley to the White Swan on the riverside at Twickers.  Other sides were Ewell St Mary, Kingston, Datchet plus some other lone souls. ( I am still confused on the make-up / difference between Kingston and Spring Grove – perhaps someone can explain?)

Someone assumed that as I came from Yateley I could dance and therefore lead a mixed side of oddballs. First dance was Banbury Bill which went fairly well, despite the differences in Bampton styles.  Next up was Shooting (Adderbury) played for by an ‘in mufti’ Lester Bailey – he has obviously been taking lessons from Rod in the correct tempo for the Morris – I think we set an all time record!).

We then moved to the Barmy Arms, where I found yet again that not everyone knows the same Bampton – an interesting variant of Highland Mary. Then on to Shepherd’s Hey where I led an Adderbury instructional – it went quite well and at least 3 men have added a new dance to their repertoire.

We closed with a mass Upton in which I managed to hide at the back of a Ewell set.

The usual plentiful supply of food was laid on, where I found that the dish in the middle was not nuggets with a mayonnaise dip but chocolate profiterole with cream – an interesting and surprising starter!

Back on the bike to miss the rain, I was confused by a plane from Heathrow that appeared not to be moving until I realised it was a star – a clear sky all the way home.

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