14th June George & Dragon and Crown, Swallowfield


Good spot and a good crowd made up of guests we had brought plus the contents of the pub. Cars all over the shop, fascinating watching Ryan do a windmill jig (twice) as he fell over a hole… OBJ in good form. We particularly liked a Brinfield variant from OBJ where 3 went in back to back for the sticking allowing some interesting trefoil type figures – nice.

A leaving barmaid was our ‘Maid of the Mill’, all the men ‘doffing their hats’ in honour of our maid except for one who ignored the call and ended up generally groping the poor lass before realising he was on his own….snigger… The Crown All warmed up now, both sides worked hard on some good looking dancing, roared on by the noisy fool. Wendy & Fred have been longtime friends of YMM and this was their last night running the pub, so it was brilliant to be able to send them off in style! Irritated Fool later found that some git in the audience had a bought a badge with a couple of golden euro cents coins AND got 50p in change …chuntering outrage…. Horse particularly active taking all sorts of liberties with ladies who seemed quite happy with the attention! We all went side for a lively old music session.

Don White (yes, we’d love to come back to Anglesey soon) in attendance  was pining for his tortured cat (violin) and gave us the Gay Cavallero…and we weren’t allowed to leave until Fred performed his, by now, infamous marrow song.

A good evening!

Artists: Rod Crane, Steve Betts, David Wright, Chris Chapple, Timbo, Baz Crossman, Ryan Cooper,, Gareth Brown, Andrew Young, Ian Young, Andrew Armitage, Andy Pobjoy, Paul Lethbridge, Ross Healey.


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