7th June, Tally Ho! and White Hart Eversley

A rare oversight by our wunnerful Bagman Paul meant that we were potentially danceless this Tuesday. Shock horror! Fortunately he was able to tap two of his local pubs and got us in at short notice. We used do these two locals regularly, haven’t been for years – but will be going back!

Tally Ho was looking great, good beers and a busy garden with no biters – mozzies, dogs or kids. Lovely mellow evening as well. A table of lively gals roared us on enthusiastically – later yelping with surprise as they were caught by the tickling stick and played with the Horse. We danced on the grass amongst diners and drinkers. A good turnout from YMM, about 12 dancers or so we put in a good performance which was appreciated by the crowd, evidenced (is that a word??) by a heavy bag.

Onto the White Lion, a gorgeous family run pub. Dance spot a bit small with whizzing cars shooting by at speed. Audience turned out from the pub and genuinely enjoyed the morrisy buzz,  wisely gathered on the other side of the road. Tasty beers and we liked the food the pub provided – ta! A raucous music session quickly got underway (well done Gunther), filling the low beamed interior ‘til late in the evening.

Also filling the pub was that unique Morris odour: healthy sweat, beery breath and …something else…

A relaxed, mellow Hampshire evening, with YMM feeling very much at home.

Artistes: Rod Crane, Steve Betts, David Wright, Chris Chapple, Baz Crossman (SFTN), Ryan Cooper, Bryan Howarth, Gareth Brown, Peter Stapleton, Greg Bramwell, Andrew Young, Ian Young (audience), Andrew Armitage, Andy Pobjoy, Paul Lethbridge, Ross Healey.

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