090719 Coach and Horses Rotherwick with Basing Clog

Gorgeous evening..and a gorgeous pub. YMM were guests of the ever friendly Basing Clog. SFTN (Squire for the Night) Ross had some concerns when neither sticks nor Baz had appeared by 2000 – looked like an evening of Ross calling only hankie dances! Both did appear and all was well. YMM were missing a number of old lags, still 10 dancers tho’, so we settled into Adderbury, Bampton and Lichfield dances. Our newer lads were pushed but did not disappoint and danced with confidence and accuracy – Adderbury staples were very good, Jenny Lind may need some more work. Great, great support from our musicians.


The Beast had a gentle romp and delightedly found a couple of ‘runners’ amongst our hosts who were duly chased around the car park…and back.

Basing Clog were good fun to be out with putting up with our banter, fooling and horseplay. Nice dances as well, the 9 Man Ripon (?) looking particularly good we thought.

The generous Landlord provided a number of jugs of beer and we were very happy to respond to his request to do something that the audience (small, but really nice!) could join in. The Fool dragged everybody into a circle for Shepherd’s Hey, leaving some youngsters from the audience, to their surprise, really puffed out and everyone grinning away. Happy landlord.

We all sat out in the fading light with Basing seeing the evening out with a few songs and some music. YMM contentedly lolled. Thanks Basing, a nice relaxed evening in a great pub…and in good company!


Andrew Armitage, Paul Lethbridge, Ryan Cooper, David Wright, Mike Clarke, Steve Betts, Chris Chapple, Baz Crossman, Dennis Hausen, Phil Goddard, Ross Healey, Ian Young, Andy Young, Rod Crane, Robin Acreman in civvies, WFYH.

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