060519 May Outing – Yateley, Crowthorne and Frimley Green

Yateley May Fayre

  • Phil offered us mass parking at his house, very close to the Green.  Neighbours looked very worried….
  • The Horse lost his heart to a performing attractive grey Filly, with lecherous intent.
  • Traditional gathering at St Peter’s tent & caravan, welcomed by Ian & Janet. Welcome hot tea saw off the chilly weather. Perfect dancing condition but bloomin’ nippy for our stoic musicians.
  • Some good dancing all around the arena, thankfully no PA this year and three long sets to test our stamina! Horsey heaven with hordes of shrieking lasses being scattered across the Green.
  • No beer tent this year, but a handsome gin tent instead, how times change!
  • Great to see YOBs out – Barry, Mike M and Woger – and looking well.
  • We had taught the cubs of 9th Bramshill some dances a few weeks earlier and put them on their mettle with a scouty challenge to dance with us in public. We were joined by a Mum who had been slow to move away and a game army cadet who could see this was a good thing! We danced Shepherd’s Hey to a large and bemused crowd led by our raucous Fool. Our guests did brilliantly – including the cubs, most of whom had NOT been at the practice!! An impromptu badge award ceremony took place with proud cubs (and cadet) wearing our badges on their uniforms. Spotted one lad staring down at his badge and gently stoking it…awwww!
  • Great to meet up with Greg who got a special horsey nuzzle.

Dog & Partridge

  • Beer at last! Loads of handsome Harleys and Triumphs gleaming in the sun. Nice lads – we got an invitation to perform at a biker’s convention later in the year.
  • A chance to dance beneath our ‘Home’ sign and a smart new plaque (well done Paul & Tom). Another good set of dances.
  • Also a chance to show off one of our new dances, called the D&P (Ilm). The anxious foreman hissed ‘we are not home to Mr Cockup!’, but all went well. First outing for Sherriff’s Ride (Lich) as well. New dancer Phil growing in confidence all the time.

St John’s Church May Fair – Crowthorne

  • We like this event as well! We were well and truly fleeced at the gate by some charming church ladies’. Ambled upto the PA system with Sandhurst Community Band doing a grand job. A proper arena spot for us now.
  • Our musicians eyes popped as they realised they had a microphone EACH, worryingly our Fool was given one as well….. He duly ‘blathered’ (a technical term) for ages which allowed the lads to catch their breath between dances. A great attentive crowd who threw nothing at the garrulous Fool. A great response as well when volunteers came forward for another Shepherd’s Hey.
  • Pretty much a perfect session!
  • Generous applause and off to the beer and cake tents at speed, via slightly dodgy scout burgers.
  • Our Fool was looking forward to the usual lively banter with the stalwart wardens of the beer tent, mainly about the possibility of the beer being free (it never was!!) only to find that a free beer was on offer…well it would be rude not to – Hogsback ‘Tea’, very good.
  • ‘Two Cakes Chris’ crown slipped as Tim got stuck into more cakes and Phil cornered the scones.
  • An opportunity to join in the tug o’ war was not resisted with lads on both ends of the rope heaving and hauling away.

Cedars Lodge Care Home, Frimley Green

  • A long way our for our Berks contingent, but home turf for the Surrey lads. It was the Brks who got horribly lost….
  • A warm welcome from staff, guests and families who packed out the lounge
  • A short but packed session: more blather, dancing, a jig from Baz, a song from Tim, horsing, presentation of fresh flowers and general hi jinks. Poor Rod couldn’t get a word in!
  • A general sense of ‘we should do more of this’ before we left creaking and groaning. Grass and carpets . . . .

A really good day out! Looking forward to another good day out in Windsor on Saturday.


Rod Crane, Andy Pobjoy, Paul Lethbridge, Andrew Armitage, Chris Bartlett, Peter Stapleton, Mike Clarke, Steve Betts, Tom Brady, Chris Chapple, David Wright, Baz Crossman, Phil Goddard, Ross Healey, Tim Lloyd, Ian Young, Lecherous WFYH.






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