211018 Prince of Wales Beer Festival

One of our favourite days out…and a day when we try alternative travel arrangement! Although last years cycling experiment ended badly… Later than usual, we had booked into an apple bobbing event in Hartley Wintney which was cancelled due to poor weather. Weather perfect in Farnborough though. Lots of gazebos and a new ‘craft beer’ venue in the garden, new also were the tickets and strips. Northern beers, including Scotland was the theme this year and they were pretty good.

A popular event, already well attended by the time we arrived and we performed 3 sets of energetic dancing. In general pretty – well performed and well presented. Beer festival crowds always seem to be a bit slow to warm up, but the Horse, Fool, badge sellers and recruiters soon warmed them up and we all enjoyed a really good time. Lots of gigglin’ girls wanting selfies with the lads and the Horse and plenty of recruiting banter (Martin! We have your name!)

Plenty of time to re-fill tankards, enthusiasts doing serious tasting notes and experts starting with light and golden before moving to heavy and dark. We remember that days when ‘mild’ was mild, now it can be like rocket fuel!! Barbecue was fired up and the lads were lightly kippered by the end of proceedings.

A good humoured and lively event and a very warm welcome from the PoW – as ever!


Roderick Crane, Steve Betts, Chris Chapple, Chris Bartlett, Baz Crossman, Ian Sutherland, Andrew Young, Ryan Cooper, Greg Bramwell, Tim Lloyd, Phil Goddard, Tom Brady, Andy Pobjoy, Paul Lethbridge, Ross Healey. Brute.

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