The Living Journal of the Yateley Morrismen 220618 Friday – Arrival at Helmond Ring Meeting

Tyre problems in Bracknell!

7c737f43-3f4e-4128-9adb-e31bcf6c203aModern Art - Later foully abused212213

‘Officers to the top table!’

IMG_0722Jan Visser

1200 ferry, Dover to Dunkirk (‘Dunkirk, it’s a bit like Calais’) with one of the 3 cars doing a only JIT due to tyre problems. Abstemious voyage, our last disgraceful trip to Holland NOT to be repeated. Ghastly hold up on Antwerp ring road, with a wacky races journey to be first (‘you’ll just have to hold on’) to arrive, aided and abetted by Whatsapp updates.

Arrived at Jan Visser Museum, lovely rural themed, and tents up fearfully close to the facilities which were in easy aiming distance from the tent…. The modern art was foully abused…

Finally to the beer, but first the beer ticket system which was generally incomprehensible to all. Very foamy stuff indeed which needed much scraping and topping up by a deadpan volunteer (he was presented with a ‘thank you’ tankard on our last day…no change of expression at all!). Light buffet, with some peeeegs investigating kebab delivery options. All a bit tired, we decided against a recce into town and instead enjoyed the beer, catching up with old friends and enjoying Utrecht/Helmond jigging.


Andy Pobjoy, Andrew Armitage, Tom Brady, Greg Bramwell, Ryan Cooper, Ross Healey, Tim Lloyd, Ian Young, Andy Young, Rod Crane


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