The Living Journal of the Yateley Morrismen 290518 Chequers, Eversley Cross with Customers and Textiles

A lovely evening with C&E, despite the wet, dark, dank and gloom. A good evening looked unlikely with steady rain and a grim forecast, however the magic of the morris shone through. Much clustering under pub umbrellas, mercifully waterproof.

YMM had good numbers, despite a few lads missing with Ian/Max/Baz calling and really excellent to see a tattered Elliott who blanched when asked to jig! Our sneaky squire had a 2:1 deal, 2 short YMM dances to 1 longer C&E dance. Our whiteshirts (Greg, Phil, Dennis) again did really well.

C&E are a class act and were out in huge numbers dancing and playing well. They did seem to catch the passing showers and were regularly sodden. ‘More, more!’ cried Yateley….

The Fool was enthusiastically ‘assisting’ both sides and the Horse surprised many by ranting impeccably and leading the C&E posse off. A few punters formed our audience and were delighted by the displays.

Capn Larnos and Ring O’ Bells went well, now firmly in the repertoire and a little better each time.

A mass Eynsham ‘Jockey Up’ was called, C&E needed no second invitation. Full instruction was provided (sort of) and the 30 plus dancers and musicians happily snaked off into the night.

Good beer and reasonable prices, Andwell, Hogsback and Flacks Manor. We nearly finished it all – C&E doing most of the damage I’m sure.

A raucous music session lead by Ian and Gunther plus a boar apparently got underway with general silliness including a ‘Rattling Bog’ and Jenny Lind cutlery

Despite the weather, a really good evening – thanks C&E for your great dancing and delightful company!



Chris Bartlett, Steve Betts, Tom Brady, Max Haynes, Greg Bramwell, Chris Chapple, Baz Crossman, Dennis Hausen, Gunther Clasen, Phil Goddard, David Wright, Ross Healey, Ian Sutherland, Ian Young, Andy Young, Elliott Brady in civvies, WFYH, PDC – Hon Mem.


Bumpus, Happy Man, Landlord, William and Nancy, Bluebells, Capn Larnos, Ring of Bells, Myrtle Tree, Jockey Up

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