010518 Mayday Morning 0535 at Wyndhams Pond, Yateley

Hal and Tow! Nippy start with ice on windscreens, but no clouds so a sun up dance with the sun for a change. This event sorts out the early birds from the night owls. Our Fool is definitely a lively early bird, a sort of infernal Tigger, unlike the squire who was still mainly asleep sometime after breakfast…. It used to be hipflasks in fashion, but today a hot thermos of coffee seemed welcome. Talking of fashion, the decline of the dressing gowns continues, down to two this year…

Two sets (yes TWO!) up – to the surprise of many – as we started with a gentle Bumpus O’Stretton to get brains into gear (no chance with some of these sluggards). Next Yateley Heath, a fiendish choice to really test the memory of the older lags, followed by a two set Banbury Bill (well done Phil who might have done this once!) and onto Ring O’Bells – we sang the whole starting song for Vandals before realising it was the wrong tune and dance! The beast appeared sprite like from the undergrowth and enjoyed a little romp.

A small but ardent audience were great. Very complimentary about the numbers of performers and quality of dance (blush) as we chatted over a collecting hat. Music also great, doing well despite numbed figures. At least we let them keep their fleeces on this year. But no Muzza – defaulters list for him!

Onwards with Idbury Hill, what a fabulous haunting tune – so good in our woodland setting and then Lads Add. Our final dance led by our (still) irrepressible Fool was the joiny inny handclapping Shepherds Hey, our lovely audience had no chance of avoiding this! Everyone finished by processing down to Wyndhams Pond itself (done this twice so now traditional) for our May morn song, lustily belted out by Tim with obligatory sniggering about St George (a Knight-o) also being a Right-o….

Bells off and off to St Peters for a noisy full English (and seconds!) surprising the life out of the caretaker who declined a breakfast (!). An amazing selection of eclectic beers from Tom. Grateful thanks to Cath and Katy who produced a feast, and to Rob, Chris and Phil who undertook washing duties. And to St Peters.

An excellent start to the new season.


Andy A, Steve, Tom, Greg, Chris C, Baz, Phil, David, Ross, Paul Lethbridge, Gunther, Tim, Andy P, Peter S, Ian Y, Andy Y, Mike, Woodland Brute, Rob in civvies

Absentees List : Muzza, Chris Bartlett, Ryan   ho ho

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