‘A Bit On The Side’ – The Living Journal of the Yateley Morrismen 140418 Thames Valley Morris Men – Spring Ale

‘Ales’ – dancing, beer, food, bit of singing but mainly dancing, with old friends. Perfect! TVMM were joined by YMM, Kingston, Ewell St Mary, Rampant Rooster plus a rampant Lester. A real Cotswold fest with sides happily mingling and swopping dancers in mass dances and rabbiting away to old friends. As Fran said, ‘it feels like family’.

Some good dancing all round , YMM performing show dances Happy Man (Add), Stick Dance (Eynsham), Myrtle Tree (Bam) and joining in all the mass dances. Steve did fabulously as our sole musician and a nervous Phil did really well! TVMM ably demonstrated the breadth of their dancing knowledge, Kingston consistently good, everyone appreciated Ewell’s distinctive style and a bare side of Roosters worked hard and looked good all evening! A surprise visit by Trump Morris entertained all with a topical twist on Bluebells of Scotland (Add), ‘Where, tell me where has my cruise missile gone?’

Musicians were great and a pleasure to see Lester, our banter partner of at least 30 years, dancing. A frisky Horse took liberties with the ladies and our Fool ‘assisted’ all the sides , the latter spraying miscreants with a floral ‘Fart Extinguisher’ guaranteed to pervade garments for weeks… heh, heh.

Beer was from the Claygate brewery – ‘Daisy something’ and ‘Cole Porter’ were both very good.

A buffet was laid on for general grazing before the meal, two YMM peeegs were spotted snaffling food WHILE dancing… The waxed welsh cheese was stunning….the rest was pretty good as well. TVmm wags kindly proffered pickled things on spoons to YMM while capering…

Main meal was great – the rainbow trout was superb as were the four homemade hot choices….and Yateley went first!! Singing was just right, incomprehensible complexity about Sylvester, lovely paced song from Ewell and a song from RR (drowning sweetheart with a twist) received a rapturous response led by Ewell with everyone on their feet with arms up like a Pentecostal revival meeting! Just right.

More dancing and polishing off of beer and buffet ended an evening of delights. TVMM are always great company and great hosts and tonight was no exception. Ta.


Steve Betts, Baz Crossman, Ryan Cooper, Andrew Young, Phil Goddard, Andy Pobjoy, Paul Lethbridge, Ross Healey. Beast (Horse not Ross)

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