Sept 12th: Fox & Goose, Greywell

What a foul night! Cold, dark and wet – ‘Winter IS Coming’. Everyone piled into the pub, with some expectations of not bothering to have a dance… The squire was having none of it tho’, forcing the lads out with a bullwhip and cattle prod (not really) into the cold and wet. The ladies and most of the happily chomping clientele (food looked great, especially the pies, drool) wisely remained in the warm.

What a great set! Lots of good humour and laughter in the dark – Ryan forgot everything he ever knew about Ilmington, Max demanded Orange in Bloom (testing memories), jigs, Fool bellowing into the gale bedecked in Smock and nearly minted scarf and we even had a bit of an audience (sometimes). Great turnout with 16 dancers and a full complement of musicians. Real good fun, a real last night relaxed, joyful set of dances. Soggy and sweaty, we squelched into the pub with waves of condensation imbued with ‘eau de morris’ sweeping through the pub.

What a great apres morris! We used to be a side that struggled a bit with song and music sessions – but no longer! Augmented with guests, Muzza, Clare and Colin, plus our singing stalwarts Ian, David, Tim, Max and even Baz it was a memorable and noisy evening. Generous, generous landlord always looks after us and we were all contentedly stuffed. Thank you. Silliness abounded, Jenny Lind sticking with cruet, Star Wars to American Pie, the Hartlepool Monkey appearing, no lobsters (thankfully) for the Fool’s horrific Lobster Song.

What a great season! We have had some great weekend events, but Yateley’s heart can be best seen on our Tuesday nights. Why don’t you take a risk, join us and have a go? Taster sessions coming.  Next two events at the Hogsback Brewery and Prince of Wales beer festival, should be good.


Rod Crane, Steve Betts, Chris Barlett, Chris Chapple, John Reeves, Baz Crossman, Ryan Cooper, Peter Stapleton, Ian Sutherland, Gunther Clasen, Greg Bramwell, Ian Young, Max, Andrew Young, Tom Brady, Phil Goddard, Andrew Armitage, Andy Pobjoy, Paul Lethbridge, Ross Healey, Horse and Chimp

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