August 17, The Queens Oak, Finchampstead

Lovely pub in a lovey setting with a unique name, apparently named after an event where HM Queen Victoria planted an oak nearby. Also under new and very welcoming management. The landlady was persuaded to join us for a spritely ‘Maid of the Mill’.

A good crowd, mostly we think brought by Ellington, had their own chairs to watch the performance in comfort. They seemed eager to purchase our excellent value badges and keyrings.


Great to have Ellington with us, we always get on well together and have a good time when we are out. The sides danced together in mass dances and, with the Fool’s mischief, mixing sets –  usually at short notice. The crowd loved the cheerful mayhem that resulted. Ellington danced well, we particularly liked the ladies border dance which had some nice, unusual figures. The World Famous Yateley Horse appeared out of the gloom to the obvious delight of the crowd, although one lady observed that he was a bit smelly. Our final dance was our joinnyinny job and we all finished, raucously and appropriately, in the pub. A selection of different flavoured pork scratching was irresistible to some….

Off into the pub for a good music session for some, others lingered outside enjoying the balmy weather.

Gunther Clausen is becoming our resident flora and fauna guru and is offering a free beer to anyone who correctly identifies all of the flowers used to decorate his hat. Normal for morris.

We had such a full, fun and busy that we forgot to take any photos!

PS No Chris Bartlett or Sue Parker-Rice this week – too busy getting married! Our very warm congratulations and best wishes to you both.


Roderick Crane, Steve Betts, John Reeves, Baz Crossman, Peter Stapleton, Ian Sutherland, Gunther Clausen, Andrew Young, Ian Young, Andy Pobjoy, Paul Lethbridge, Rob Acreman, Ross Healey.

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