Saturday 17th June: Yateley Hall, Winnersh Fete and a BBQ

So what started out as a seemingly gentle day dancing on the lawn at the open day for Yateley Hall ended up with Elliott at Frimley A&E. More of that later!

So on the hottest day of the year thus far we arrived for 11.00 at Yateley Hall (those among us of course who could find it.) It was planned we were to dance for the exiting tour groups but somehow got out of synch and so did our own dancing for those who were sheltering under the minimal shade. The dancing while excellent (Squires words) was tough on longish soft grass and sapping heat, with not a beer in sight. To be noted that one of our lady followers did however blag her way onto a ticket only tour and saw more of Yateley Hall than any of the Morris Men. With a few short sets of dancing to conserve our energy we did take frequent breaks. This allowed two/three cakes Chris ….no need to ask which as both were equally indulgent… have their fill.

Rapid travel to Winersh Fete found us performing ASAP in the Arena, again hot sun with a few attentive watchers. The joining-in dance of Shepherds Hey was great fun with the Squire leading and some half dozen or so joining in.

The management kindly gave us some much needed beer tokens which were gladly utilised in between the formal dance session in the arena and the subsequent busking . Ironic that the Anti-smoking pitch was keen that we support them by having all the Yateley men pose with an enormous quit smoking cigarette in the middle………..little did she know that the holders of the giant Ciggy were Max and Andy Y……….committed smokers both.

Our last sojourn was to the Squires mansion. Honoured as we all were to be invited to eat and dance at his Court. That said, Andy and Cath provided an excellent BBQ and venue for us all to relax and drink his home brew and other supplements. This provided an excellent opportunity for many of the wives and partners to join us for a rarely held these days social gathering.

Some chatted with the neighbours, (much discussion between Greg and others regarding traditional Jock language ((Gaelic)), some cooked, some drank beer and many danced on the green in various forms of kit from floppy hats to turned down socks. Again the joining in dance of Shepherds Hey went down a bomb with Andy’s Court…………….and then there was Elliott ………..after a final lively session in the horse (Greg having gallantly manned the horse all day in such temperatures was deep in conversation as above.) Elliott thought Ah-ha, I’ll escape the throng of kids by disappearing into Andy’s house, no way Jose! Andy’s Court has an open door policy and the kids run freely into all the houses. In an attempt to out-pace the marauders Elliott leapt into the air and misjudged the slope of the garden. The first his parental units knew was a phone call asking them to attend to him with pain killers and water in Andy’s back garden.


After many hours in Frimley A&E on Sunday it was confirmed that Elliott had indeed broken a bone in his foot and is now ‘black booted’.

So the count so far to the Horse:

Tom      Sprained ankle ligament  ‘02

Broken ankle ‘03

Elliott    Nearly drowned in the Thames  ‘04

Broken toe  ‘04

Smashed Phone ‘04

Pete S   Exhaustion (required para medic support) ‘05

Elliott    Broken Foot.  ‘17

Greg beware!

Today’s supporting cast:

Musicians: Rod, Chris, Chris, Steve.

Dancers:  Andy P, Baz, Ian S, Tim, Tom, Elliott, Andy Y, Ian Y, Greg, Max.

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