May 30th, F&W, Eversley and D&P, Yateley

Beautiful evening, beautiful venue, great dancing area and a good turn out by the lads at the Frog and very well supported by our wunnerful WAGs. Plenty of room to park. Good Fullers beer, but some wincing from the lads about the prices. Fool blathered to punters inside and many came out to watch a good display of England’s traditional dance, the Morris. Crisp dancing and performances…a somewhat dodgy Black Joke Bledington kept everyone amused. Max, Baz and Gunther gave their all in a lively ‘Princess Royal’ jig in the Bampton style, the Squire joined in for one more chorus (groan from the trio)……. then the Fool….for one more chorus to the horror of the knackered original trio! Joinny inny things are definitely in vogue this season.

Onto our home pub, the Dog & Partridge. Delighted to see lots of YOBs (Yateley Old Boys) welcoming us, including Roger, Barry, Rob and Colin. Plus more local support than usual, all of whom were interested in talking to us (especially about the Fool’s smock). The D&P generously provided some jugs of beer. A relaxed beery performance followed, culminating in our joinny inny dance heading towards St Peter’s Church startling the dubious characters littering the front porch. Noisy reminiscing continued late in to the night.

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