Yateley Village Mummers Tour of Wokingham Tuesday 13th December 2016

“Room, Room, Brave Gallants, ROOM!” is the opening line of your local Mummers Play. Mummers Plays are about the triumph of life over death and good over evil based on the end of one year and birth of a new year. Our local text is based on the Bramshill play & other north Hants texts.

See us at the following:
7:30pm The Gig House
8:00pm The Crispin
8:40pm The Redan
9:10pm The Ship
9:50pm The Queens Head
10:20pm Hope & Anchor

The characters are Father Christmas & his four sons (Hoorah!) who are put to the sword by our anti-hero who, strangely enough, is King George (Boo!). This probably harks back to the unpopular Hanoverian kings. Have no fear; there is a Doctor in the house who will bring all who are killed back to life again, just before the final showdown. You, the audience, are a vital part in this knockabout festive fun. We hope that you will enjoy the 39th year of this lively performance, which perpetuates our local custom in our area. A few years ago, we performed at the Police College in Bramshill, and an elderly member of the staff there could remember the words of the play from the mummers who visited the Cope family at Bramshill House in her childhood.

Mummers, also known as (dis)Guizers, used to mime the plays, hence the phrase ‘mum’s the word’! You can see the Mummers on Boxing Day* and New Year’s Day*. Traditionally Twelfth Night (6th January) is the mumming highlight of the year and we embark on an epic tour of (too) many local pubs. Please join us!

We welcome new dancers, musicians and mummers. No experience is necessary. If interested come along for a ‘taster session’!

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