The Living Journal of the Yateley Morrismen at the Yateley Christmas Market 29 November…

ABOTS The Living Journal of the Yateley Morrismen at the Yateley Christmas Market

Always good to support local events like this one and to meet up with old friends! A good turnout from the lads meant we were able to do plenty of 8 man dances with lots of opportunities for Greg to get stuck in. Three good spots with appreciative crowds. Yateley Lions, D&P and family Cole all did really well.

Tom in charge, happily juggling changing times and disappearing dancers nearly always found in a pub or in a choir. ‘Like herding cats’, he said. At least he could see us in the dark with our de rigeur lit up top hats. “Timbo” doing most of the calling with great support from Max and Ian S.

Good to see Max in excellent jigging form (Princess Royal, Bampton), a slight delay from a car/petrol mismatch that left him stranded at another pub!

Excellent turnout from our committed musicians who were wisely well togged up against the cold, looking very smart in their YMM fleeces. Also from our families! The Horse loomed out of the darkness to the consternation of more than a few – he is a gentle ole soul really.

Ian S and the Fool went out with Ian’s sword impaled ‘Cruitment Cake’ and a handful of recruitment fliers seeking new dancers and musicians. Lots of happy banter and partakers of the (excellent) cake.  Still opportunities for new recruits to join us – Tuesday 8pm Yateley Manor School.

The dancing relaxed later  and precision was given up for some high merriment and general hooting. ‘Shooting’ was particularly delicious….

A number of the smiling crowd commented on the fun we were obviously having. To some relief and some disappointment the Horse failed to romp all over the WI stall, the ladies were compensated by an industrial level hugging session by our besmocked Fool. This included some surprised passersby who were swept up in the moment!

One highlight, a young little lass came over to say how much she had loved the dancing, especially the stick dances. She returned a few minutes later to give us a pound! Awww!

We’re back again outside the D&P on Boxing Day AT 1pm (NOT NOON), it’s Midday  at Frog and Wicket for more dancing PLUS the Yateley Village Mummer’s Play!

Artistes: Tom B (SOTD), Timbo, Ian S, Rod, Chris x 2, John, Steve, Greg, Rossco, Max, Ian Y, Andy Y, Ryan, Andy A, The Beast.

Mufti – Paul L, Old Muzza, Rob

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