10th September: Highclere to Yateley Cask & Cork

With a few of us hitting the wrong side of the M3 , due to chatting , wasn’t the best start, but soon was on our way, tour first grand port of call, greeted by men in bowler hats ,and shown where to park, asked what we have to take in ,the usual reply was fiddle, bag and a horse. The gentleman looked bemused. We were invited in the front door and through to a staircase originally for servants to use and up to awaiting room. After we all gathered we began planning , discovering due to being wet we were dancing indoors ,a rare honour, we made our way down to a good crowed and bemused lords, ladies, and international guests all dressed in 1920s finery, I gained permission to photograph the event , not normally allowed indoors and open access to take photos, we did two sessions of dance ,the first having the largest crowed.

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The horse was released and was on best behaviour amazingly, and then were given lunch, and the two veggies even got food, the horse got his hay as usual. Then outside to dance and entertain the marquees and stalls, we had group photos and even had a go on the merry-go-round, we were given tea and a special coaster ,we bid farewell tour new friends at highclere ,then off to rotherwick.
Arriving in rotherwick we were treated to food and a warm friendly welcome where we chatted and remanist about the events , then on to yateley,
We arrived and were given a glass to remember the evening and tokens for drinks, we began dancing in the marquee and the horse made his appearance, causing the locals frivolity we danced in and outside and spent a good time drinking and saying hello to good friends
– Dancers. Many ‘Ebert’s
– Music. Other ‘Ebert’s’

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