Highclere Garden Party 9th-10th September 2017

We were delighted to be asked to perform again this year and doubly delighted to be asked to perform both Saturday and Sunday. We assembled bright and early at 10.00am and prepared for our first spot at 11.00am. This time we performed all 3 spots outdoors although very few punters around to begin with. However the sound of the music started to attract a few curious souls who observed from a ‘safe’ distance. The weather was not great but we managed 3 spots of 30min each with about 7 dances in each spot. At the end of the day on Saturday some of us departed to the local camp site to spend the night. The squire managed to erect his new tent just before the rain came with assistance from the glampers – I mean campervan campers. We made a leisurely stroll to the Woodpecker Inn where we downed a few pints of Arkells 3B. The fact that dinner took some time to arrive wasn’t too much of an issue on this occasion but I suspect if we hadn’t had lots to chat about things may have been different.

Sunday was a repeat performance but with even fewer onlookers. This was predominantly the result of train failures out of London. As the weather was poor we danced our first spot inside a dance tent on what can only be described as a giant chessboard. In fact this was mainly set up for the Gatsby Girls who were demonstrating how to dance the Charleston. At least the chess board helped us to keep our lines straight! After lunch we performed outside the main dining tent to quite an enthusiastic audience. The squire was able to fool as a highwayman with the horse who had extracted himself from Ross’s garage overnight. It all added to the ‘performance’ which was well received by the audience. A few brave souls joined in with the joiney inny dance and seemed to enjoy themselves. Most of the audience seemed to be American or Canadian with several making their way to the UK especially for the garden party. This was their first experience of morris dancing and they were amazed to discover that we were not a ‘professional’ dance troop. Anyway they had fun as did we and we look forward to returning again.

Yateley Men: Baz, Ian Y, Andy Y, Ian S, Paul, Peter, Andy A, Andy P, Chris B, Rod, Steve B, Chris C, Tom, David, Ryan