May 1st 2017 – The year begins!

May Morning

Fortunate with the weather, a kindly Muzza nearly brought the gazebo, but not needed as the weather was mild. Some dressing gowns in evidence, the Fool forgot to take his off  what with that and his tailcoat. A good turnout from the lads and a nice little audience.

Started with Bumpus, Ring O’ Bells (first pubic outing!), a brave Yateley Heath, Idbury Hill and Highland Mary. A very pleasant set. The sun twinkled through the trees over the pond. Final dance was our new ‘joinny-inny’ hand clapping dance based (loosely) on ‘Shepherd’s Hey’ Adderbury which WENT WELL, culminating in a dance procession down to the pond for the ‘Hal and Tow’ May song, commendably led by our Timbo.  Any semblance of quiet reverence was lost as the lads always burst out laughing at this point,

‘And as for our good knight St. George
St. George he was a knight-O
Of all the knights in Christendom
St. George he is a right-O’

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Off for scrumptious full English as St Peter’s cooked by some wonderful wives, full of local delights from Reeves butchers including black pudding. ‘I might just have room to squeeze in a bacon sandwich…’. Joined by the Hutchinsons for breakfast, consolation as they missed the dancing! No Tom so no beer, probably wise. We then went our separate ways; some to snooze, some to set up tea tents at Yateley May Fair.

Yateley May Fair

Gathered in again we did a temperance stop at St Peter’s tea tent, bantering with the patient ladies ‘Oi, pull yer fingers out we’re thirsty…!’ and being persuaded to eat cake. YMM busked around the arena doing 5 short spots, failing to pass the real ale tent which was cheap and delicious. We enjoyed the Kitchen Choir immensely! Great to meet old friends and YOBs (Yateley Old Boys) and catchup.  The Horse was busy, now happily terrifying a third generation of Yateley children. A lot of dodging of heavy showers, one even drove us back in to the beer tent. Great May Fair; well organised, well attended and lots of local support.

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Crowthorne May Fair

Another annual event for us, this time in the arena itself. NEARLY lost Chris, Horse and Greg as they had to divert to Cove for mysterious reasons! A very attentive and supportive crowd enjoyed an impressive set of dancing from the lads, despite tiring from so much dancing on grass. Skirmish, Old Woman Tossed Up, Constant Billy, Highland May and Joinny-inny.

The Fool happily blathered between dances, providing panting dancers some recovery time.  The Beast was particularly popular.  An emboldened (or em-beered) Fool led the second ever ‘Joinny inny’ dance (so that makes it traditional!) with loads of the audience dancing in the arena, out of the arena, through the crowd and back into the arena to great applause. Much good humoured banter with the beer tent who were selling very good TEA – no the first pint was NOT free for performers!! Great event which we always enjoy, with lots of nice conversations with all sorts of nice folk.

A great start to the new season.


Rod Crane, Steve Betts, David Wright, Chris Bartlett, Baz Crossman, Andy Pobjoy, Peter Stapleton, Greg Bramwell, Andrew Young, Ian Young, Tim Lloyd,  Andrew Armitage, Paul Lethbridge, Ross Healey.

YOBS and others! Muzzie, Kevin, Roger, Rob, Barry, Phil, grizzled gnome.

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