Jan 6th 2017 – Twelfth Night Mummers Tour

The finale of this season’s mumming activities, a total of 13 performances both inside and out. On Twelfth Night (January 6th) we were at:

  • 8.00 pm The Crooked Billet, Hook
  • 08.45 pm The Crown, Old Basing
  • 09.30 pm The Mill, Old Basing
  • 10.15 pm The Four Horseshoes, Sherfield-on-Lodden

Off promptly on the YELA bus, driven by the saintly Ian, from outside the D&P. Good pubs, well chosen as usual by IS. Lots of roaring fires and cosy interiors. Andy in boisterous mode, roaring and cackling,  just as well as we had to work hard in a number of the pubs to get a stage and engage with the audience. Plenty of beer consumed (some provided by generous landlords)  with increasing jollity, except from the designated drivers, aided by the rather delicious truffle liqueur from the Doctor’s Bottle.

Always a variety of responses to our performances – sometimes welcoming, generous and engaging, sometimes not so much. Therein lies the joy of the performance, you can never predict responses, and it would be foolish to try. Bursting into a pub with much noise and gusto performing an archaic play with death and resurrection at the heart is bound to solicit a variety of reactions. The best is the audience moving from astonishment or even antagonism to friendly engagement and interaction. A rather marvellous tradition.

Entertainment on the blue lit, disco bus by Paul and Max was both fair and foul! Tra lala indeed.

One contingent disappeared off into the night to gorge on some traditional twelfth night fair at the Tythings….  olde worlde doner kebabee…. Also delicious.

Artistes: Ian Sutherland (TS), Tim Lloyd (Doc), Peter Stapleton (FC2), Rod Crane (FC1) Andrew Armitage (LSS), Andy Pobjoy (KG),  Paul Lethbridge (Narrator) Max Haynes (RMK), Ross Healey (NC). Ian Young – driver (ta!) On the bus, Andy, Ryan and Edelweiss

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