13th December 2016 – Wokingham Yateley Mummers: 6 pubs in one night

13th December 2016 – Wokingham Yateley Mummers: 6 pubs in one night

Our first Mumming outing of the season kicked off by startling the early evening drinkers in Wetherspoon’s Gig House. Hastily rejigging our script as the Red Morocco King was stuck in roadworks (I bet that never happened in the olden days) a boisterous performance ensued with acclaim from the few drinkers present.

Onto our next stop, The Crispin, a lovely traditional pub with a real fire , welcoming landlady, an appreciative audience and a Hogs Back Brewery Salesman sampling his excellent T.E.A. and sharing a drop with us! Father Christmas got a bit carried away here and was urged to show a bit less leg.

Our performance was warming up nicely with all present and lots of ribald comments and audience participation.

Next, The Redan, A cocktail and Music bar – not our usual habitat but a lively young audience joined in with gusto. One young lady asked to help and the Doctor said she could “Pull Him” and later we had to revive Swing Swang after a straddling incident. The Noble Captain nearly needed a defibrillator after a surfeit of viewing from his horizontal position, although supposedly dead, his eyes appeared to be bulging.

The Ship, a traditional haunt of ours and despite football at both ends (the same match?) we performed to an enthusiastic crowd by the bar including a reporter from the local rag and Brickendens! Our performance was in high gear now with liberties being taken with the script and most of the words in the right places despite the beer flowing freely.

Queen’s Head, on the home straight now at one of our favourite Summer dancing spots, this time without local Constabulary involvement (the horse wasn’t with us for this tour). A good crowd entered into the spirit of things and after another post performance pint we were chased down the street by an enthusiastic drinker who had gained King George’s sword left at the bar. I hope we got this gentleman’s name and address as he looked a shoo-in for a Morris dancer .

Finally, The Hope and Anchor, for our last performance for the night with the cast swelled by 2 enthusiastic wee Terriers. The landlord very kindly assuaged our thirst and provided us free of charge with a wonderful gourmet spread – hungry and thirsty work Mumming. Well done that Man!

Well done the cast for keeping the Mumming Tradition alive. An especial “Thank You” to all our wonderful hosts in each pub and the good folk of Wokingham for allowing us free reign of your town for the evening. The bad news is I think we will be back next year! Six pubs in one evening is not too may.

Mummers : Gareth, Ross, Max, Peter, Rod, Tom, Andy P, Tim, Andy A

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