August 2, Frimley Green ‘Old Wheatsheaf’ & ‘Rose and Thistle’, Mytchett ‘Miners Arms’

August 2, Frimley Green ‘Old Wheatsheaf’ & ‘Rose and Thistle’, Mytchett ‘Miners Arms’

Overcast skies + high humidity = dank & sweaty men + steaming horse.

‘Old Wheatsheaf’ provided a tight dancing area with a small but delighted crowd, many squeezed into canoodling booths. Lovely intimate feel with performers and punters close together. Imagine our delight to find nearly the whole range of Greene King beers available! Good local pub, clearly doing well on the dining side. BTW, OW used to be a tied house to Morlands Brewery (Abingdon) and was the only place for miles where you could waste your money on the grim Morlands beers. ‘Sweet Jenny Jones’ best of a sparkling set.

‘Rose & Thistle’ dancing by the green in the bus stop – fortunately not mown down by surprised bus drivers. Plenty of onlookers at the ‘One Stop’ opposite, few of whom took up the Foolish invitation to come closer.  Generous landlord – thank you! Starting to crack ‘Black Joker’, Bledington. Valentine looking good.

‘Miners Arms’ dark now and our dancing spot was well lit by floods and spots giving a dramatic stagey feel with sharp highlights and deep shadows….ideal horse light! Small but enthusiastic, vocal and generous crowd who whooped us on. Welcoming and generous staff, once they had recovered from an enthusiastic hello from the horse who, after a quiet start, was in rampant mood chasing assorted fillies in and out of the pub. Max’s Bampton jig ‘Princess Royal’ sparkled in the dark. Good set of dancing.

A surreal final 15 mins as YMM were cajoled by a posse of ‘Honorary Daughters of the Yateley Morris Men’ (a Facebook thing) to indulge in a scavenger hunt involving Castiel, maks, poles and a cape – all in chaos and helped without measure by the Horse as he had decided this was his thing – cue general shrieking and threats from under the cape.

Three pubs in one evening? Ideal I reckon. Just enough to leave the audiences satisfied but also wanting a bit more.

Performers SB CC JR RC   PL TB TL IY AY GB PS (0.3 Trots) AA IS AP RH, Max &

Beast. Where was Muzzie??

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