5th July, Barton’s Mill, Old Basing

5th July, Barton’s Mill, Old Basing. A little uncertain about dancing at only one venue, and one where we are often joined by another side, we were given an amberlicious welcome by the landlord, which prompted our first dance “Landlord, fill the flowing bowl”, even if post hoc.

The Wadworth’s beers were on fine form, especially, in your author’s opinion, the Horizon golden ale.

Our efforts were encouraged by fine weather and an enthusiastic (and generous!) crowd, and we danced two good sets, separated by a double jig by Andy and Baz who seemed determined to compete over the most inelegant “manhole cover” step.

The men’s financial burdens were further lifted by a group of Canadians over on business, astonished by the entire event, who, competing with their British host for generosity (paper money landing in the hat in unprecedented amounts), insisted on buying us pints all round: motion for the AGM – write a dance to the tune of ‘O Canada’.

Unfortunately, no diddley-diddley ensued.

On parting, one of the Commonwealth cousins expressed a desire to own a tankard; your author was so moved that he gave him Cliff *. Cue manly hugs.

Barton’s Mill has more than justified its regular place on our programme.

Dancers: Tim, Paul, Baz, Ian S, Ross, Ryan, Max, Andy P, Gareth, Greg, Peter,

Music: Rod, Steve, David, Chris B

* of unknown provenance, the tankard was inscribed “To Cliff from the HRC Novice IV 1989”. A substitute vessel from Ross’s collection of pre-loved articles has been pressed into service.

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