July 26 ‘Gloster’ and ‘Tilly Shilling’ Farnborough

Now a traditional tour of Farnborough’s newest and probably busiest pubs. Both crammed with happy drinkers and eaters. Gloster saw assorted family groups come out and watch, delighted to see the Horse, as we performed our limited set of Adderbury and Bampton dances. Pleasant enough – warm and sunny – with a flow of comers and goers from the pub. The quiz started up  – our prompt to depart!

Went past the ‘Tumbledown Dick’, never recall dancing there. Always was a bit of a pit but to be reduced to a McD’s ‘drive thru’…..

Tilly Shilling was busy with value seeking customers making the most of ‘steak night’. Good beers, especially the local Ascot Brewery offerings – brilliant to see local breweries so prominent in ‘Spoons. Well done. Lively dancing followed with a good response from the patrons outside. The fool’s bawling ricocheted off the high walls, competing with the thundering traffic and enticing local residents out into the dusk. The audience responded generously to Ryans and Peters hat tour of the pub.

Wafts of Papa John’s pizza house kept us peckish all evening. Growing numbers of dancers meant we could vary our set to include Ducklington and Upton. Black Joker, Bledington was wisely truncated after one figure…Great to see Julian and Sue Neaser, although sad to hear of the recent death of Brian Cresswell (YMM founder member) – fondly remembered by the older lags as a big bloke with a big voice and always a good laugh.Some impromptu instruction by Andy A of a few less than sober punters concluded the evening.

Tricky to balance ‘beautiful, beguiling country pub with no punters’ with ‘not so pretty town centre boozer with audience’ – pros and cons for both, but I think we need to do more of the latter. Something for the lads to ponder on.

Artistes: SB CC JR CB PL TL IY AY GB PS AA RC GC GB BC AP RH, Rob A, Julian N and BB (Bloody Beast)

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